Fish Photography

Here is a familiar scenario: a beautiful tank or a gorgeous fish is just "for our eyes only". We can't share our viewing pleasure with other hobbyists because our photos are really disappointing. And when photos fail to capture an event such as a fish spawn things can get rather frustrating.

On the other hand good photos are a blessing. They can capture details that usually go unnoticed and that can be both particularly helpful and extremely enjoyable.

Fish keeping is a hobby. Photography is a different hobby. Successful fishkeepers do not have to be keen photographers, yet they need some photographic skills to showcase or evidence the work they do with their tanks and fish as well as their achievements. In some cases acceptable photographic skills make a real difference. When health issues are concerned, taking a good photo which depicts the problem accurately can be the only way of getting appropriate help or advice.

This category contains discussions of ways in which we can take good photos of tanks and fish. As with fishkeeping, photography is also an art and a science. We hope that through the discussion of some "technical" details the "art" will emerge stronger.

Photo by Marina Parha

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