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The oxydator is a commercial product and the reason I wrote this article is the good results I obtained with this tool. No commercial benefit is involved.

Why use it?

Instead of a normal airpump that saturates the water with air that contains about 80% N2 and 20% O2 this device sets free 100% O2. Normally the oxydator uses 6% peroxid solution and has its place in a quiet zone in the tank, providing enough oxygen for fish and bottom + nitrifying bacteria.

My oxydator is positioned in the first filter compartment and filled with the strong 30% solution. This way the filter water is saturated with oxygen ensuring an optimal bacterial growth and total ammonia-nitrite-nitrate conversion in the second filter section. The excess in oxygen is normalised in the trickle filter that's the last step in the filter process.

Short description and operation

The oxydator is an oxygen delivering device that works without electricity or power supply and consists of two parts: an acrylic container and a ceramic beaker. It splits stabilized hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

2 H2O2   ---------------------------->  2 H2O + O2

A little catalyst in the acrylic 250ml container causes little oxygen gas production that presses out the peroxide solution. The speed of this release depends on the temperature, solution concentration and quantity of catalysts. The solution comes into the ceramic (strong catalyst) beaker where it totally desintegrates into water and tiny, nearly visible oxygen bubbles that saturate the surrounding water.


oxydator1x.jpg   oxydator2x.jpg
oxydator3x.jpg   oxydator4x.jpg

Refilling the oxydator is an easy task. Just take it out of the tank. Take off the bearing ball. Put a little water in the beaker so the floating container comes out. Turn the container, unscrew, refill with the correct concentration and assemble again.

Oxydator W (containing 1000ml), the big brother of the oxydator A, is normally used in ponds. It can also be used in large African Cichlid aquariums where it extends the refill intervals.